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2018 Physician of the Year  –  Paul Dugan, MD

Dr. Paul Dugan was born on July 9, 1930 in Pennsylvania. He was diagnosed with Polio at 4.  At 20 years old, as a Sophomore in College, he started ROTC, later attending Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia where he graduated in1957.  Dr. Dugan joined the United States Army and became an Ob/Gyn.
He met his wife, Olga in El Paso, Texas at an Army/Air Force hospital eight days before her discharge.  Olga was a Physical Therapist in the military, and they eventually married in Stuttgart, Germany.  Due to German law, Olga had to have dual citizenship. Once she was made German by the Mayor of Stuttgart, they married at the Air Force base. 60 years later, their marriage is still going strong.
They moved to Roseville, California in 1963. At the time, the population was 11,000 people and most worked for the railroad or ice plants. Dr. Dugan practiced Family Medicine at Oakridge Medical Center. He joined the California Medical Board, and in his 8th and final year, he was appointed president by Governor Ronald Reagan. He has also been a proud California Medical Association member for over 50 years.
Dr. Dugan describes himself and his wife as constant “hard drivers” which is an understatement since they founded the Start-A-Heart, Save-A-Heart program. In total their program certified over 42,500 community members in CPR and became a template for the American Red Cross.
Dr. Dugan is a self-proclaimed “prodigy of forceps” which helped him, as he says, deliver “a whole bunch” of babies. During his own son’s birth, the OB/GYN needed his help because forceps were needed. Since then he is the father of 4 children: 1 girl, 3 boys and the grandfather of 15.
Dr. Dugan’s life has been made challenging due to his battle with post-polio syndrome which had made him unable to walk. Due to the syndrome, many muscles are weakened. Through dedication, his wife and other therapists have helped him learn to walk again. One third of polio survivors are unaware as there is no diagnostic testing for this condition and even with the diagnosis, there is no treatment. After many accolades, Dr. Dugan retired at age 74. We are honored to have Dr. Dugan as our physician of the year, and we hope you all join us in thanking him tonight.


Nominations for 2019 Physician of the Year begin after February 2019

The 2019 Physician of the Year award seeks to honor unique leadership qualities held by physicians within Placer and Nevada counties. The winner of this prestigious award will demonstrate a significant contribution to health care, be a leader for our community and be a true advocate for organized medicine. The Medical Society will honor this individual at our Membership Dinner, date to be announced

Submission Deadline is 1 1/2 months prior to event. 

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Previous Winners

2017 – James A. Willis M.D.
2016 – Jeanne Conry, M.D., Ph.D., Obstetrician and Gynecologist, The Permanente Medical Group
2015 – Thomas Stanko, M.D.2017 – James A. Willis M.D.


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